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Poly Commercial Real Estate Investment and Management Company Limited

Poly Commercial Real Estate Investment & Management Co., Ltd. (Poly CRE) is China Poly Group's dedicated operating platform for commercial real estate and a leading company of its kind in China. It develops and manages shopping centers, hotels, apartments and neighborhood malls and shops, with business ranging from shopping and leisure, travel and vacationing to neighborhood consumer services. By providing more market-oriented products and services with greater potentials for growth, the company aims at delivering to customers enjoyable experience and to investors uninterrupted value-added services.

With professional operation and a globalized vision, Poly CRE is building a diversified portfolio and providing a complete value chain of world-class commercial operation and management services. As of December 2017, it is running 82 commercial projects in 29 cities nationwide, with a total floor area of 1.5 million square meters and compound annual business growth rate exceeding 20%.

Poly CRE is committed to creating long-term value for customers by developing high-quality and resource-rich projects. By 2020, it is expected to be managing nationwide commercial real estate of more than 10 million square meters including 50 shopping centers, 50 hotels, 300,000 apartment units and 1,000+ neighborhood malls and shops.

  • 10 shopping malls
  • 11 brand hotels
  • 10 apartments
  • 1 international conference center
  • 49 community plaza business centers
  • 1 boutique supermarket

Poly Real Estate – China's Leading Real Estate Brand

Poly Real Estate Group Co., Ltd. (stock symbol: SH600048), part of the China Poly Group, is a large-scale and listed state-owned real estate company. It is a national Tier I real estate development company as well as a Fortune 500 enterprise that has been named a leading real estate brand in China for five consecutive years. Poly Real Estate owns 292 subsidiaries, with presence in 58 cities nationwide. Through continuous innovation and efforts, it is playing a key role in building China's real estate industry.

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